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2er-Set Cappuccino Lovers Heart Cups, 2.5 dl in Light Blue - O I A  ceramics
2er-Set Cappuccino Lovers Heart Cups, 2.5 dl in Light Blue - O I A  ceramics

Set of 2 Cappuccino Lovers Heart Cups, 2.5 dl in Mint Blue & Pure

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These unique heart cups were handmade with great passion by Martina and Zdenka. The friends not only work together in their own studio, but also pursue their passion as ceramic restorers. They are, so to speak, the experts among the potters! The philosophy of KraKle is to combine functionality, quality and purity. The collection is gentle, and of extreme lightness. The ceramic products are meant to liven up everyday life and bring love into every home.

The name of the collection is also the name of the label. KraKle in French means "craquelé", which in art, means decoration in the form of a net or small cracks that appear on the glaze of ceramic objects. You liked the name, but you rarely use this technique of decoration, because the ceramic products made should be functional and be in everyday use.

Dimensions: approx. H: 7 cm, W: 6 cm, 2.5 dl, 

Materials used: - white clay / transparent lead-free paint & glaze / 24 ct gold.

When making ceramics, use high quality clays and lead-free glazes that are safe for serving, drinking and eating.

Cleaning: The mugs are basically dishwasher safe, however gold details may wear off over time. Therefore, we recommend traditional hand cleaning if you find a gold element on your product.

All our products offered here are 100% handmade, which means that each piece is unique and may therefore differ slightly from the picture above. But that is exactly why we love these cups so much!

Pottery: KraKle ceramics, Martina Ćurković Madiraca and Zdenka Vrgoč, Croatia 

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