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Bowl in Powder Pink with Golden Lining

Bowl in Powder Pink with Golden Lining

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This enchanting bowl will sweeten your every day. Serving in these bowls is great fun and definitely an eye-catcher. The watercolor technique gives each bowl a unique "landscape"; this is the idea of ceramic artist Marina Marinski. In elaborate handmade, these bowls were first shaped by hand on the potter's wheel and then fired over several days, during three times at 800 ° to 1250 ° degrees, in the potter's kiln. In between they were painted by hand and finished with a 24 carat gold line.  

Dimensions: Bowl about 4.0 cm in height and Ø 16 cm in diameter

Materials used: 24 carat gold luster, colored slip, lead-free transparent glaze, white clay

All colors and glazes used are lead-free and food safe. Finished with one of 24 karat gold line.

Cleaning: The bowls (bowls) are basically dishwasher safe, however the gold may wear off over time. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your new favorites by hand whenever possible.

100% Handmade Designer Ceramics: All our products offered here are 100% handmade, that is, each bowl is unique and may therefore differ from the picture above. Since the colors can not always be applied the same. But that is exactly the reason why we love these bowls so much! So everyone has his personal unique piece.

Pottery: Marina Marinski, Label Marinski Hearthmades, Croatia