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Christmas Droplet in Soft Blue with Golden Dots

Christmas Droplet in Soft Blue with Golden Dots

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Filigree precision, hours of patience and holiday nostalgia are woven together in each piece, and believe it or not, they will be the warmest detail on your Christmas tree. Playful yet with a wintry-chic touch, they simply reflect the positive energy of winter, whether they're hung on the Christmas tree or some other conspicuous spot in your favorite room. They will surely have the same effect, likely to be amplified exponentially when you gift them to your loved ones.

"Some call them raindrops, others tears or even (garlic) cloves. Whatever you remember, these Droplets are pure magic. They were inspired by the Brownies (Domaći) - fiery fairy tale characters created by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. Brownies were part of every Croatian child's childhood, and our wish is to evoke those warm memories as we gather around the Christmas tree. Have a truly magical Christmas with this Marinski take on the Stribor Forest." Marina Marinski, Artist

Dimensions: Length approx. 7 cm & Ø 4 CM in diameter

Crowd: 1 piece.

Used material: - white clay / transparent lead-free paint & glaze / 24ct gold

All colors and glazes used are lead-free.

100% Handmade Designer Ceramics: All our products offered here are 100% handmade, i.e. each ball is unique and can therefore vary slightly from the image shown above.

Pottery: Marina Marinski, Label Hearthmades, Croatia