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Earrings Half Moon & Golden Lining
Earrings Half Moon & Golden Lining

Earrings Half Moon & Golden Lining

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Product description

Ani ceramic design collection

EN: These feather-light stud earrings from Ani ceramic desgin are as unique as you are. Made for your life. Feel beautiful with these fair and handmade individual pieces. Every single one-of-a-kind piece is elaborately made by Ana in her studio with a great deal of sensitivity. Ani's pieces of jewelry are true, small works of art and are also ideal as gifts.

measurements: h 3.0 x w 1.5 cm

Weight: 5 grams
maintenance Keep these pieces separate from other jewelry, salt water or harsh chemicals.

Studio / artist: Ana Ceramic Design, Serbia

100% Handmade Designer Ceramics: All our pieces offered here are 100% handmade and can therefore also differ slightly from the image shown above.

Materials used: - white German clay / colored lead-free glaze / 24 ct gold I All colors and glazes used are lead-free. Surgical steel needle. Ideal for people prone to jewelry allergies.

Made to make you happy