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Circles in Olive / Beige with Golden Lining - O I A  ceramics

Circles in Olive / Beige with Golden Lining

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Ani ceramic design Collection

EN: These feather-light pieces of jewellery, made by Ani ceramic design are as unique as you are. Crafted for your life. Feel gorgeous with these fair and handmade one-of-a-kind pieces. Each unique piece is carefully crafted by Ana in her studio with great precision. Ani's jewelry pieces are true, small creations of art and are also ideal as gifts.

Measurements Earrings: h 1.0 x w 1.0 cm

Measurements Necklace: h 3.0 x w 3.0 cm, chain length 28 cm 

Maintenance Keep these pieces separate from other jewelry, salt water or harsh chemicals.

Pottery: Ana Ceramic Design, Serbia

100% Handmade Designer Ceramics: All our pieces offered here are 100% handmade and therefore may differ slightly from the picture above. 

Materials used: - white German clay / colored lead-free glaze / 24 ct gold I All colors and glazes used are lead-free. The ear stud is made of surgical steel. Ideal for people who are prone to jewelry allergies.

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