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Here we come 2022!

Hello dear friends of OIA

Grateful and fulfilled, we look back on an insane, intense and joyful 2021. We were proud to introduce you to new artists who shared their treasures with you with their skills and dedication to ceramic art.

Our values are at the heart of our work. We pay attention to the materials used and fair production. With us, no piece is like the other and it should stay that way:-), because we adore the individual piece.

So you can expect a lot in 2022. We will be introducing a new artist here soon. So be on your guard, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you're new to us. Because we at OIA ceramics are always the first to share the most important news via ournewsletter . You will always have access to our shop beforehand.

We wish you a wonderful year full of joy, adventure, courage, happiness and contentment.

Stay in touch with us, we also love to communicate with you via Instagram , so just say hello:-) we would be very happy about it.

Greetings from us,

- OIA -

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