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About us

O I A ceramics was founded in 2019 in Switzerland with the intention to offer sustainable, as well as handmade ceramic products from selected potteries. We work exclusively with small family manufactories. 

Why? Because we love unique, handmade ceramic products. And of course, because we want to know where the products come from, what materials they are made of and under what conditions the people work for them.

O I A - For more enjoyment in everyday life. is for lovers of unique products. For people who, like us, appreciate fair and high-quality products and want to do something good for themselves and their loved ones.

For us, quality stands above quantity - and so you will find only small quantities per product or set. The production, even of a single cup, takes several days and so it happens that we have to announce our ceramic products many weeks in advance, directly to the potteries. Each ceramic product that you find here with us was made by the pottery specifically by hand with much love and passion, under absolutely fair conditions. 

We wish you much joy, while discovering. 

Follow us now on Instagram (@oia.ceramics) and stay so always up to date. We look forward to seeing you.

O I A ceramics