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Tea has it - the tact in her fingers

Ready for something new?

Today we introduce you to Tea!

She is the artist behind the new Pinch Cups collection. We've had our eye on her art for quite a while now. We are super honored that she made a few unique pieces for us and then with personalized inscriptions too. 

Tea is a fabulous artist and exudes tremendous serenity. She learned her craft from the ground up, starting pottery at age 9 and earning her Master's degree in Fine Arts.

Tea's creations are made using the "pinching" method. That is, she shapes her cups with her fingers. She strokes the clay into shape until they match her style. Tea's idea is that each cup makes the world a little more special and makes your day. We can absolutely confirm this. Owning such a handle cup is a true joy. The cups are also especially good as a special gift. In addition, a cappuccino in the afternoon from this handle cup is simply a pure pleasure.

The unique handle cups from terra ceramica are stylish, sensual, radiate warmth and sweeten your everyday life.

By the way, the long handle is not only wonderful to touch but also stands for Tea's trademark. Every cup from terra ceramica can be recognized by its handle :-) We love it. 

We hope you enjoy discovering the new Pinch Cups collection.

Kind regards from us,

- O I A -

Made to Make you Happy

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