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Our latest cooperation makes us dance with joy. With the new Mind & Soul collection, we are talking about love at first sight. Ceylan, the artist behind the new collection, has an incredible talent for ceramic art. She is bubbling with joie de vivre, which you can literally see in her works of art.

She loves to constantly reinvent herself and yet continues her style with every collection. She makes her handmade mugs in her studio in Istanbul. We are very happy to be able to exclusively present Ceylan's masterpieces in our shop. They are absolutely adorable and are great as a small souvenir for girlfriends, for our mums, aunts, godmothers, but of course we don't want to exclude any men here, because the feedback from men was just as great.

Ps. Her signature mug is the one with her in the picture ;-).

Have fun discovering, dear ones.

Warm regards from us,

- OIA -

Made to make you happy

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