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NewIn! Love by KraKle ceramics collection

They hit you right in your heart. The KraKle Cups are here!

These unique cups were made by hand with the greatest passion by Martina and Zdenka. The friends not only work together in their own studio, but also pursue their passion together as ceramic restorers on a part-time basis. They are, so to speak, the experts among the potters! KraKle's philosophy is to combine functionality, quality and purity. The collection is soft and extremely light. The ceramic products should liven up everyday life and bring love into every home.

The name of the collection is also the name of the label. KraKle means"craquelé"in French, which in art means decoration in the form of a web or small cracks that appear on the glaze of ceramic objects. You liked the name, but you rarely use this decoration technique because the ceramic products you make should be functional and therefore suitable for everyday use.

We also had to wait a long time for this collection, as each cup was painstakingly made by hand on the potter's wheel, hand-painted and had to be fired several times in the potter's kiln. Oh they are so beautiful. You're bound to love her like we do. We're totally in Love.

We hope you enjoy the latest collection in our online shop.

We officially welcome the KraKle label to our OIA family. You are true artists.

Warm greetings

OIA ceramics

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