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O I A, who? We introduce ourselves

Who is O I A ceramics?

O I A ceramics was founded last year 2019 in Switzerland with the intention to offer handmade ceramic products from small, selected potteries.

Majority of collections are presented on our platform by small family manufactories or young start-ups from surrounding European regions.

Who is O I A ceramics for?

O I A ceramics is for lovers of unique pieces and those who like exceptional, small labels. For personalities who focus on quality instead of quantity. For all those who can't resist handmade and fairly produced ceramic products. Just like us. 

O I A - Handmade Designer Ceramics

For more pleasure in your everyday life. With our online store we want to give you a home, where you can fully pursue your passion for handmade and fairly produced designer products. For more real design. Directly from the ceramic artists to your kitchen. There is hardly anything better than starting the morning with a unique ceramic mug from us, because not only does the coffee and tea taste much better, but it also stays warm longer, thanks to the high quality materials used in our collections. And because the design gives a good feeling, for a great start to the day.

With us you will always find something new. Be it new espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or latte cups or rather tea mugs? Be curious what will come so everything. Also small and big plates will be available soon - but at the moment they are still on the potter's wheel of the ceramic artists at home. We will keep you up to date. Just sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram (@oia.ceramics).

Why is O I A ceramics so special?

Because we offer high-quality, handmade ceramic products that come from selected, small, often still unknown labels.

Because our designers, every day with great passion can pursue their passion and spoil us again and again with new beautiful collections.

Because we buy collections at fair conditions and do not press the potteries in the price, but encourage them to pursue their craft.

Because we know where, in which environment and under which working conditions, the products were manufactured. And we are not talking about unclean warehouses, but wonderful small studios, often flooded with light and inviting you to linger. 

Because we know that the raw materials used have been tested for their harmlessness to humans and the environment.

Because we only work with potteries whose priority is to produce in an environmentally friendly way and with high quality.

Because we completely exclude products that come from mass production and are therefore not handmade.

Because we avoid the use of plasticized materials wherever we can. Not all of our suppliers pack their collections completely plastic-free, but we are already at 90%. Our goal is of course to break the 100% mark in the next few months. And because we have a strong sense for sustainable working and follow this passionately at O I A.

So now you know. If you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Just send us an email at .

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