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Golden Spoon in Dark Blue & Matte Gold

Golden Spoon in Dark Blue & Matte Gold

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These spoons are not just any conventional spoon. But on the contrary. We definitely wanted to offer golden spoons in our shop, but they should be of high quality, sustainable and made under fair conditions.

Here you are! The spoons from the Ribeiro family.

An industrial tradition of cutlery manufacture has been concentrated in the Guimarães region, the northern city where Portugal was founded, since the 17th century. José Ribeiro (1929-2012), an industrial tailor from Guimarães, founded Cutipol in 1963. Today his son David Ribeiro continues the family business and makes our new spoons.

Cleaning: The spoons are absolutely suitable for everyday use and can of course also be put in the dishwasher. Just avoid prolonged contact with him

Dishwasher steam by taking them out as soon as the rinse cycle is over.
Then dry the spoons with a soft, dry cloth.

Made in Portugal: Ribeiro family, from the Cutipol label